24 November 2009

Auckland Tweeps

It really is fun meeting people from Twitter in real life, and these past few days I have been in Auckland for work have been brilliant. It was great to hear so much about @giapo gelato, that I went and tasted it myself and the man behind it introduced himself because I was there. It was great, and in a way humbling, to meet people who came out to say hi just because I was in town (#tcs). It was truly fun and yes, exciting, to meet someone “famous” whom you respect and enjoy their work, and find they are genuinely nice and interesting in real life (@johnjcampbell). It is also wonderful to have made new friendships, with people who it seemed like you had some kind of a connection with, and it turned out you do.

It’s great how Twitter means so many different things to different people, from a professional tool to social networking fun. I’ve found other aspects that interest me, but right now, I appreciate Twitter for introducing me to some genuine and interesting and fun people, I wouldn’t have otherwise met. If only we could “hang out” in the real world more often.

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