27 October 2009

Christmas in October

I enjoy the whole atmosphere of Christmas, planning what gift I’m going to get people, working on (and eating) an incredible Christmas feast, getting out the flash wine, Christmas pudding, and Christmas cocktails. I love the romanticism of Christmas music and movies linked to Christmas as being a special time of the year – with watching Love, Actually having become an annual tradition. I REALLY love the time off work after you’ve worked your ass off all year and the time has come for some “forced” R&R in the sun over the Christmas/New Year break. I then love the idea that a summer holiday in January or February is following just around the corner.

I know that Christmas, like many holidays has become completely commercialised – but I guess that does make some kind of sense by the tradition of it being a gift-giving time. But when malls start putting up Christmas decorations in October, it really pisses me off.

Do they think we’re going to forget to buy our Chrissy pressies?? Do they think we’ll jump into action and start buying up large because we think “oh, Christmas is nearly here I better spend money”? No. There’s no other reason other than they do it to try to milk us for all they can. Because they’re dragging Christmas out, malls aren’t “prolonging the joy” they’re diluting it. Bastards.

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